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Enjoy the freedom to practice yoga wherever, whenever with Innovated AMOR Travel Mat.

Foldable, Washable, Super Grip (Wet & Dry)

Innovated AMOR Travel Mat let your trip more easy and light.

Classical size:

Size: 66 x 185cm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1.5kg Approx.

Materials: Food Standard Silicone, Microfiber 

Energetic Alignment Design

Drishti, is the centered focal point we refer to in our practice. We know how it can be challenging to focus on one thing. Our carefully thought out design aligns our Wi Logo along the Drishti, so you don’t have to worry about looking around the room to focus.  Countless yogis mentioned they have special feelings and positive energy when they practice with Soul Mat.


We’ve only got one Earth, let’s to our best to take care of it! Our Wi products are respectful of the planet and use non-toxic materials which all past RoHS test - a test that tests the durability of our products in multiple atmospheres. You can practice with the peace of mind that you are not placing your health or the environment at risk.

Foldable Washable and Grip Surface

Travel more light, just fold your AMOR Mat and put in your bag.

The Innovated AMOR Travel Mat stays grounded. 

Throw in washing Machine to clean.

We never compromise on quality. Our high-performance products are designed to withstand the test of time to help improve and enhance your practice.

More choice suitable for everyone
You name it, Wi have it! We like to keep everyone in mind when crafting these mats. To ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, we cater to all shapes and sizes.

Yogi Loved
Wi products are created by yogis who truly love what they do. All our products passed Lab test EU standard and months of practical tests as well. Then we share them with the world to ensure they can handle the wear and tear that comes from vigorous daily practice.