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A long, long time ago ancient yogis developed asanas inspired by the natural world

that surrounded them. They used animals and plants for inspiration and developed

a practice that have brought so many benefits, both physical and spiritual, to our

world. This beautiful practice is not just for adults! It can give the little ones in the

house very important tools to help them find peace and calmness in a world that

moves faster and faster every day.


YOGI BUDDY will be the perfect partner to introduce you to the amazing world of

yoga! You will learn the amazing powers your body and mind have. You will learn

how to meditate, concentrate, and relax, all while having lots of fun! Take your

Buddy everywhere! Doing yoga together you will exercise, play, connect with your

inner self and create a special relationship with the world that surrounds you! Yoga

will make your inner light shine brighter than ever!