Clean Your Yoga Mats

Clean Your Yoga Mats - WIWORLDANDI

Simple Steps Clean WiMat

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It's very easy to take care of your new wimat in 3 steps

Step One:

We recommend you to clean the mat with natural water and wipe it with wrap towel. You clean after every practice.

Step Two:

Wimat is latest technique with water proof plant material surface.  Although water not stay long on it. We still recommond you avoid drying it in direct sunlight 

as our Wimat is biodegradable, therefore prolonged exposure to the sun can cause more harm than good.

Step Three:

Roll it up with the Top facing ourside.


Avoid Oil

We recommend you keep all your mats away from Oil / Cream for long durable with high performance.

Smell in Fresh

There is slightly fresh flowers' smell.  Because our new wimat is plant based material.  


Right Ways to Clean Your SoulMat  
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We recommend you to clean the mat with natural water and wipe it gently with a non-abrasive sponge or damp towel, neither of them should be soaking wet.

We recommend you to only clean the Soul Mat after about 7-10 uses. Over-cleaning or using harsh products will wear out the materials faster. Do not soak the Soul Mat when cleaning it. Simply wiping the surface best way to ensure your mat stays durable longer.


The Soul Mat has a quick-drying top layer made by eco-polyurethane that first absorbs liquids and then facilitates their evaporation. To minimize staining ensure your hands and feet are oil-free before you get on the mat. The natural oil on your skin may leave some mark on the surface of the top layer.

These marks can usually be cleaned off or they may fade away as time goes by. Marks and stains will not effect that performance or other brilliant features of the mat.


After any practice, especially a sweaty one, or even just after cleaning; spread out the Soul Mat to dry. You’ll notice when you’re practicing on it, it doesn’t take long to dry! Leave it unrolled with the colored side facing up. Please try to avoid drying it in direct sunlight as the Soul Mat is biodegradable, therefore prolonged exposure to the sun can cause more harm than good.


Make sure to roll up the Soul Mat properly with the surface (the colored side) facing outside. It is designed to be rolled this way as this allows the surface to dry and also prevents the Soul Mat from creasing to ensure that it can be rolled out evenly every time.


Don’t be alarmed; the Soul Mat may have a slight rubber smell at first. You see, we don’t use any chemicals to mask/alter the smell of the natural rubber. This way we keep our promise of being as environmentally friendly as possible. The rubber smell will disappear gradually as you use the Soul Mat.

Here’s a tip: spread out the mat and place somewhere with good ventilation for a short period of time.


TouchMat In Laundry 

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Put Your Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine

Yes! You can machine-wash the TouchMats, do so on a cold, gentle cycle, turn off spin or tumble cycles, and avoid harsh detergents.

Also, make sure you rinse it well and most importantly, always air-dry, never put your mat in the dryer.


Clean the Reversible Ekānta Mat 

clean the revisable yoga mat - wiworldandi

Watch Below Video Before Your First Use and after Practice