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Soul Yoga Mat - Non Slip Yoga Mat


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    Our sticky yet soft - classical yoga mat – and highly durable – Non slip Yoga Mat is a best-seller! Made from only 2 materials, you’ll enjoy a reliable sticky grip for both indoor and outdoor usage, so you can practice in the wettest of climates without the risk of ruining your favorite yoga mat. Inspired by the movements of crashing waves along the ocean, this anti skid yoga mat was designed with extra cushioning that moves with your body, creating a relaxing practice you can return to any place, any time


    • Eco-friendly, ethically sourced bio-polyurethane and rubber
    • Extra soft cushioning for gentle joint and mobility support
    • Easy to clean texture for wiping away the elements
    • Antimicrobial base coating that prevents mildew and promotes a healthy practice
    • Plastic-free, reusable yoga towel wrap with instructions 
    • Free cotton carrying bag and matching yoga headband ideal for traveling yogis
      Best of all, every time you practice with the SoulMat, you tap into the collective power of likeminded yogis across the globe.

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