Key Points before Purchasing a Yoga Mat

Key Points before Purchasing a Yoga Mat - WIWORLDANDI

Before we talk about Yoga Mat, we need to ask ourselves "Are we ready to start our Yoga Journey?"

In fact, people often ask: “Why is yoga so expensive?”

Yoga is definitely not cheap. If you are already a Yogi, you would know how expensive Yoga is: Yoga classes, Workshops, Immersions, Yoga retreat, Teacher Training....etc..


Think about the question should not be about how much yoga costs; rather, it should be about how you choose to spend your money.

The real question is: Are you consistently making an investment into yourself?

Some people think that yoga mats, yoga prop, yoga pants, are expensive, yet they’ll easily blow 100, 200...bucks on one evening of wining and dining. Compared to such self-indulgences, the benefits of yoga to the mind and body are much longer-lasting.

Yoga is an investment with many positive returns. The money you are paying is for a quality life .

Now, we start talk about Yoga Mat, as it is first essential investment you need to do.


How much do you want to spend on a yoga mat?

Nowadays ,everything is transparent, it is easy to find out material cost.

Google shows: A Yoga Mat selling price might be from €10 to €3000.

In the Europe Market, a reasonable price range of a good yoga mat will be around €100 to € 200. It may be different from different countries due to cost of taxes, labor and shipping, and if a brand wants to keep the exact same quality of their mats, it's needed to increase 5-10% every 1 or 2 years, because the cost of producing a yoga mat keeps increasing each year. If a brand selling same yoga mats same price or even cheaper in 5 years, no doubt, they either reduced the quality of the mat or get rid of old stocks.

Is it important for me to pay attention to the type of material ?

Certainly , if you are sensitivity or allergy type, you must ask the material for your own health.

Ideally, we should check material before purchasing, as our whole body need contact the yoga mat. Especially when we breathe, our yoga mat is very closed to us. You don't want to harm your own health.

 (secret: Do not trust too much about advertisement, check the price, international standard certification , follow our blogs with updated details.)

Do I want a yoga mat that is biodegradable?


We are all responsible for the world and our beautiful mother Earth.

Is a standard mat enough for me or is it better for me to choose an extra long or wide yoga mat?


Depend on your need. 


Do you always practice on the same studio or home, and is the weight of the mat not so important?

  • the weight is not so important.

Does your yoga mat have to fit into your suitcase when you travel?

  • it also depend on personal choice


Is there a color that appeals to you more than any other?

  • A mat that you like in terms of color and design can have a positive effect on your motivation to practice regularly.

How intensive is your yoga practice? Do you go to a quiet yoga class once a week, or do you spend an hour and a half working intensively on your mat every day?


  • Yoga Mat is known to be “indispensable expendables”