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Sustainability is the biggest challenge of our times.

What Is Sustainability?

In the broadest possible sense, sustainability refers to the ability of something to maintain or "sustain" itself over time.

In business and policy contexts, limits to sustainability are determined by physical and natural resources, environmental degradation, and social resources. Accordingly, sustainable policies place some emphasis on the future effect of any given policy or business practice on humans, the economy, and ecology. The concept often corresponds to the belief that without major changes to the way the planet is run, it will suffer irreparable degradation.

As concerns about anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution have become more widespread, the world has shifted to embrace sustainable practices and policies, primarily through the implementation of sustainable business practices and increased investments in green technology.

Understanding Sustainability

The idea is often broken down into three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

In that breakdown, the concept of "economic sustainability" focuses on the portion of natural resources that provide physical inputs for economic production, including both renewable and exhaustible inputs. The concept of "environmental sustainability" adds greater emphasis on the "life support systems," such as the atmosphere or soil, that must be maintained for economic production or human life to even occur. In contrast, social sustainability focuses on the human effects of economic systems, and the category includes attempts to eradicate poverty and hunger, as well as to combat inequality.

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability in business is not reducible to environmentalism. Harvard Business School lists two categories of sustainable business practices: the effect a business has on the environment, and the effect a business has on society, with the goal of sustainable practice being to have a positive impact on at least one of those areas.


At Wiworldandi, we are pioneering a truly sustainable Yoga Brand.  We aim to be a force for good in the world, joining forces with our products, our products packages, customers, consumers, and all suppliers including shipping  to make a positive difference to people, to our planet. Wherever we live on Earth, we all share the same planet.

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