Creating your next mat
is our sacred practice

Each of our high quality yoga mats is
inspired by our lifelong yoga practice.

Hello Fellow Yogis,

We’re Wi, a collective community of yoga teachers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and yogis like you. Each one of us is different, but what brings us together is the endless inspiration we find in the increasingly popular art of yoga. 

Just like you, our individual journeys led us to seek out the best yoga mats, towels, headbands and other gear.

“In an ideal world, all yoga gear would be designed to take your practice to a deep and personal new level.”

What we found was an unsustainable, uninspired industry driven by producing cheap yoga mats under the most unethical circumstances. Factory-created, mass-produced, toxic yoga mats are the norm, not the exception.

Wi are creating something different – together

Wi envisioned a world where every yoga mat was made with compassion, by hand, in total harmony with the earth.

Wi still have a long way to go, and our “practice” of making yoga mats may never reach absolute perfection, but here are the ways you and Wi are making a difference today:

We even use leftover pieces of the mats we make to create keychains and reduce waste products.

Most importantly, our variety of grip styles and safely printed designs are guaranteed to give yogis of all skill levels a mat reflective of their own unique practice, so you can create a space that feels like you.

Ready To Hit The Mat?