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Grounding movement through the power of wiworldandi (Wi)

At the heart of Wi World, lies immense love and passion for all things Yoga. The company was built with a purpose to support movement and every yogi’s journey towards their self-improvement and ultimately attaining inner peace. 

Wi is an ethical and eco-conscious Yogis' Team that crafts innovative yoga accessories, including yoga mats, yoga props, and athleisure clothing of the highest quality, to enhance that unique healing experience of your everyday practice.

Wi firmly believes in the life-changing power of practicing yoga. And that is why Wi strives to help yoga practitioners, experienced or novices, to achieve their goals through their own yoga journey, and by doing so, you and Wi together can contribute in making the world a better place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the experience of every Yoga Practitioner, with perfect yoga props and appropriate yoga attire that assists in shaping your perfect yoga practice with our best eco-friendly yoga mats and sustainable yoga products, consciously designed by yogis for yogis.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to become an inspiration for all Yogis. We envision a world where people find their unique connection to their inner selves and enjoy an unforgettable experience every time they show up on a mat.

Our Story

While on the yoga mat, we experience the true unison of mind, body and spirit. It is that sense of stillness and calm that is imbibed by us during yoga practice, according to yoga philosophy. Ultimately, this mental discernment and spirituality also lights up our daily lives and routines. 

In a way, we learn to bring the balance, relaxation, discipline, happiness, and a sense of peace to everything we do in our daily lives. This is the power of yoga that exudes a healthier lifestyle for our entire being. 

Real Life Stories On & Off the Yoga Mat.

By practicing yoga on the mat physically and applying the principles of it in our daily lives, spiritually and mentally, we have developed some of the finest products through sheer hard work and passion. Every morning we start anew, and give our 100% to create quality products for fellow yogis. 

Our Story, represents raw, uncut & inspirational story of lifelong transformation and inner journey of healing…. and all the magic that it entails.