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WIWORLDANDI Organic Cotton Z Strap


Material: 100% organic cotton
Size: 3.2cm wide x 3m long.

Wi organic cotton strap is one of our proud products

Why a yoga strap?

We know you think about it at least once or twice a class. We’re here to help you take the next step in your yoga game. Let us help you in making one of the most vital decisions of your practice by going deeper into those poses.

YOGA PERFORMANCE – The strap can be used to connect limbs and hold positions longer and more comfortably.

FLEXIBILITY AND RANGE OF MOTIONS – Use the strap to optimally reach end-range stretching positions, maximizing flexibility.

REHABILITATION – Use the yoga strap to get the best results from your physical therapy home rehabilitation program.

Our Yoga strap is made with an innovative, originally-designed easy-feed cylinder buckle and organic cotton. Unlike the common D Rings found on Yoga Straps today, our buckle is guaranteed to be frictionless! Maintain your Zen and experience the most comfortable and convenient Yoga strap available in the market.