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This innovative two colors reversible Ekānta Mat is first of its kind and first professional yoga mat in the market made with only natural materials; Cotton and Rubber. It contains no other components that might harm our environment or our health, it’s made with a special technique that results in better abrasion, natural aging and water resistance. It is non-slip and firm grip in dry and wet conditions.

Once you step on this mat nothing else matters except your practice. What makes our mat special is that it was developed with the love of Bhakti. All of the materials that create the Ekānta were specifically developed for yoga practice. This means that the nature of materials, colors, and production process were developed thinking of your grip, stability, steadiness, and comfort.

This durable Ekānta Mat will be your friend over many years of practice.

***Free towel wrap with instruction, cotton Mat bag and name loop with unique WI-CODE included

About your Ekānta Mat:

Size: 65 cm x 180 cm

Thickness: 2.00 mm (Combine your Ekānta Mat with your Soulmat for a thicker surface)

Weight: 2.5 kg Approx. (Great for traveling around the world)

Materials: Rubber & Cotton

Abrasion and Water Resistant


You can practice on either side of this innovative two colors reversible mat by your own need.


All of our Ekānta Mats come with name loop with WI-CODE to check the authenticity of your WIWORLDANDI product, you can check and register your mat using the unique WI-CODE 



We suggest using wet cloth to wipe off the mat before first practice as there might be some residual water-based release agent on the surface (white snow color) to protect the mats before reaching your hand, then place it in a cool place to dry.

The rubber material itself has a little "sweet"smell". If you mind it, we suggest that you clean its surface only with water or Wi Mat Wash. Then place it in a cool place with good air circulation so smell could disappear shortly.

If your mat gets dirty we suggest using a clean, wet cloth to wipe it off. If there is serious dirt, we suggest using a neutral detergent mixed with water or Wi Mat Wash to clean the surface then place it in a cool place to dry.

Due to the characteristics of the rubber material, do not place it in direct sunlight for a long time or use a heat source to dry it as these factors will cause rapid deterioration for your mat.

Made with Love,