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WIWORLDANDI Sthula Straps Gaze


Sthula Yoga Strap

It doesn’t matter the level of experience in your practice, a yoga strap is a useful tool to deepen your asanas and help you with difficult poses. Over time, these helpful tool will increase your flexibility and alignment.

There’re countless ways you can use a strap for your advantage. It’s use will help you in seated poses where you need to reach further or bind, balancing poses, as a stabilizer, and stretches that require you to increase your flexibility without losing form. Some of its benefits include:

  • Support and Alignment: If you’re someone that struggles with tight hamstrings and muscles, a strap can provide a safe way to achieve poses that are inaccessible for you at the moment. As you deepen your stretch you’ll find better ways to understand the dynamics of your body without compromising your form or health in the process.
  • Stretch those muscles: your stretching sessions will be more effective and enjoyable before, during or after your practice when one of our straps is involved.
  • Release tension: use your strap to pinpoint your tight areas. Take a moment to stop forcing your body into reaching into poses and creating tension in your muscles. Instead use your strap to explore the limits and safety of a practice that’s nurturing and rehabilitating rather than stressful.

Our anti-slip metal buckle and tightly woven 100% organic cotton strands ensures a high performance and superior grip so you can concentrate in your pose in a more effective way. It’s easily adjustable and allows you staying in a pose for a longer time without distractions.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Size: 3.8cm Wide x 2.6m long

weight: 250g