Wi XL Yoga Pad Mountain

Wi XL Yoga Pad Mountain

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  • Green Package : Towel Wrap


Get enough space for some posture practice like ARM-STAND, HEADSTAND As well you can use for long Meditation section.

With Exact Grip, you get more comfort and support every time you show on your XL Yoga Pad

10% Cotton | 15% Plant based material | 75% Rubber

Dimensions : 48cm x 68cm (19"x27"), 5.5mm (0.22") 

Weight: 0.8kg (1.7lbs)

  • The Mats are artifact; The Example mats photos here are for illustrative purpose only. 
  • You can practice on either side. 
  • An antimicrobial additive helps prevent mildew on the mat 
  • Color may change over time.  
  • Contains Latex: People with rubber or latex allergies should avoid contact with this mat as it contains natural rubber and may contain very few latex.

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